So today I headed over to my local Fry’s Electronics, because I heard they were having a sale on some Blu Ray movies. I hate going to Fry’s. The parking is always a mess, and the actual store is a dump. But hey, I couldn’t pass up Mrs. Doubtfire on Blu Ray for $14.99.

But his post isn’t about Mrs. Doubtfire, it’s about The Mask. Not the movie with Cher and the weird looking kid… but the one with Jim Carrey. Fry’s was actually playing it on one of their demo TV’s. Why? I don’t know! Anyway, the bug was planted, so I had to pick it up on DVD. I used to love this movie when I was a kid, and I even had a cassette of the soundtrack! I haven’t seen it since the days of VHS, and I wanted, nay, needed to see it again. Mostly out of curiosity I suppose. Was it still good? How does the 14 year old CGI look?

So? How was it you ask? Surprisingly good. It holds up really well still, and CG still looked decent. A heck of a lot better than those monkeys in Jumanji at least. I was also surprised on some of the adult jokes I never caught. In one scene, the Mask is making balloon animals, and when he reaches into his jacket to pull out a balloon, he pulls out a used condom. I kid you not.

I highly recommend watching it again, especially if you used to like it back in the day. And heck, for $7.99 on DVD, you can’t go wrong. I’ll leave you with this:

4 Cogs out of 5