So, who remembers those cool little booklets you used to get packed in the box of your favorite toy? Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, it was fairly common to find a little book about the other toy lines made by the same company as the toy you just bought packed in the box. Some made mini-comics with ads on the back, such as He-Man and Dino-Riders, others had little fold out booklets to see what other toys you could get in that same line, such as Thundercats or even the Rock Lords. However, none did it better than Kenner with their Action Toy Guide

As a kid in the 80’s (remember, no internet!) these were gold. I used to sit and drool over all the different figures I would want. I would even circle the ones I wanted most, or even used a color code to show the order in which I wanted the toys, to “Want Most” to “Want Least, but still Want”.

They made variations of the Action Toy Guide for quite a number of years that I can remember, but none were as good as the early stuff. I have a few saved, and hopefully I can dig them out and scan them in for your viewing pleasure. I grew up on this stuff!

Man, I wish I still had my Ecto-2. I played with it until it was destroyed!

Siiiiilver Haaaawks!! A pretty obvious Thundercats rip-off, but pretty cool nonetheless!

If you want to see the complete 1988 Kenner Action Toy Guide, check it out on my flickr page by clicking here!