So I’ve been meaning to re-do my website for awhile now. The current version of my site is pretty plain and just uses html/css. And since Flash is my forte, I figured it’s about time to update. It’s been hard to get motivated, since I use Flash all day at work and the last thing I want to do is come home and open Flash, so it’s been taking quite a bit longer than I would like. However, I finally have a preview of what the new design is. Well, more of an idea that a preview. I haven’t designed what I want the interface to be, but I did get the back-end idea down. The idea is that my little robot character will be the guide to my site. You open my page, he peeks around the corner, notices you there, and runs off. He then rummages off screen and comes back with some note cards. He flips through them and when he finds the right one, he pulls it out, holds it up, and it’s my website. Right now, I justed used a screen shot of my current site, but it was more of an exercise to see if my idea was feasible. The robot was made in 3D Studio Max, cel shaded, and exported as vector. I like how it has turned out so far. Let me know what you think, check it out! 2.0 *beta