From Wikipedia:

“Crocco is a lunar crater that is located on the far side of the Moon from the Earth. It is located to the northeast of the huge Planck walled plain, and northwest of the equally huge Poincar√© walled plain. Just to the north, within one crater diameter, is the Koch crater.

This is a nearly circular crater formation whose eastern rim has been partly overlain by the satellite crater ‘Crocco G’. The rim has received some erosion, but it retains a well-defined edge. A small craterlet lies across the north-northeast rim. Just to the west-southwest of Crocco, nearly attached to the rim, is the satellite crater ‘Crocco R’.

The northwestern half of the interior floor is level and almost featureless; displaying the appearance of having been resurfaced by lava. The opposite half of the floor displays some irregularities, including the rim of a small crater that has been almost completely submerged by the lava flow. This crater has a gap in the north rim, and forms a bay on the interior floor of Crocco. A ridge runs from the western rim of this small crater to the southwest inner wall of Crocco.”

Crocco (crater)