So I just spent the last hour or so reading through my old blogs. It’s crazy I’ve been on myspace a little over 2 years now. You can really see my ups and downs, since I’ll usually write when I’m really sad or really happy. It’s almost like reading something somebody else wrote. I started blogging right before I graduated and probably wrote every month or so. Blogging is a weird thing, at least for me. I like to talk about whats going on, but I don’t want to be too specific because you never know who reads these things. It’s like keeping a personal journal that you know someone else would read.

Updates in the life of the Nick. Umm, things are going pretty great. I still love my apartment, it definitely feels like home. And I hate to say it, it feels even more like home than “home” back in Sacramento. My parents are preparing to sell the house I grew up in over the next few months, so for quite sometime now, my room as been dismantled. All it really has in it is my bed. They also changed a lot of stuff in the other rooms, so it’s not really the house I remember anymore. I’m not even comfortable in my own bed, and when I visited during Easter, I actually was looking forward to coming back, and I felt kinda guilty for that. Mentally I guess I have moved on.

On a lighter note, I got Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360. It’s super fun, but if I play too long I’ll get into a weird zone and my fingers will move without me thinking about it. I’m pretty sure the game hypnotizes me. It tells me to burn things. So all in all, fun game 🙂

Letssss seee, what else…. I dunno if I mentioned it but my computer’s hard drive crashed a few weeks ago, so I had to get a new one. Suckage. I also got Vista though, and it is pretty rad in a far out way. It’s essentially a prettied up version on XP, but hey, that ain’t a bad thing.

My parents finally got an iMac, their first Apple computer. It really makes me want to get a MacBook or a MacBook Pro. The Pro’s are so neat, but just so dang expensive. I think when the next update on them comes out I’m going to bite the bullet and get it 🙂

I’m itchin’ to have another party soon. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Perhaps a theme party? I’ve been wanting to have a 80’s party for quite a while now. You know, dress in neon colors, headbands, big hair, watch the Goonies, karaoke to Vanilla Ice, you get the picture. Thoughts? Anyone even reading this thing?

Oh, and to all you people out there in the videoscope, you better have started reading Marley & Me by now. Remember, I’m like a chamillion. Yeah. And I came to the fork in the road. And I took the bridge and ended up on the right side. Elizabeth went left and I went right. I said “follow me Elizabeth” because I’m going straight to the top. The stars. One shining star in the night. That shines brighter than all the rest. And the beat goes on. No more questions.