My newest purchase: A 1958 Disneyland “B” map. This is the 2nd Disneyland map poster made, which you can tell because of the inclusion of the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarines. Also, in the “A” map, the water in the Jungle Cruise is green. I was pretty excited about this purchase, because the map was never folded, as the vast majority of these maps were (even the one in the picture), it was rolled. I got a pretty good deal on it, and since there were no creases, I couldn’t pass it up.

Some things to note on this map:

  • Edison Square and Liberty Street: Two off-shoots of Main Street that never came to be.
  • New Orleans Square: The size and scope of it seen here pales in comparison of the final product.
  • Wax Museum: This later went on to become Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Haunted House: Which was later renamed “Haunted Mansion.” Not the location, next to the Jungle Cruise.
  • Holidayland: The tent located outside the berm. A short lived idea that was never very popular.

All in all, the map is very cool. It is a very neat history lesson, especially since you can see some projects that WED had planned that nver came to fruition.

For more info on vintage Disneyland maps, check out this awesome website: Disneyland Maps